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DesertRose Rattery

High Quality Pet Rats

DesertRose Rattery who aim to breed high quality rats. Healthy, sociable, and just downright cute!

We know rats are incredibly clever and affectionate creatures and want to produce pets that people can love as much as we do.

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About DesertRose Rattery

DesertRose Rattery

Quality-Bred Fancy Rats

We here at DesertRose strive to produce the best pet rats possible.

Top priorities for our rats include health, temperament, and desirable pet-like qualities (see: cuteness).

We are also registered with AFRMA ( American Fancy Rat and Mouse association. ) 

We aim to spread our love and affection for these clever and highly affectionate creatures by taking the fancy rat to all-new levels of lovability.


DesertRose has been creating healthy, happy, high-quality pet rats since 2019. In addition to our pet-quality rat breeding, DesertRose accepts surrenders by owners whenever we can. We offer this service to keep the rats safe and cared for during the search for their permanent home. Potential owners of surrendered rats undergo the same thorough vetting process as potential owners of our bred rats. Your rat(s) will find a loving home.

Critically, we treat our rats ethically and respectfully. Finding the right pairings to create rats with idealized features (size, coat, shape) is a process that takes much time and dedication over many generations. However, this is a natural and delicate process that we treat with the utmost patience and respect. When breeding our rats, we ultimately aim for the betterment of their species above all else. 

We assure that our rats are well-socialized to both humans and other rats. For this purpose, we mandate that our rats receive homes in bonded pairs to promote their quality of life and ease of sociability.


Q: How did all of this start? 

A: This all began with a woman named Meghan (me) and her rat, Gerald. Gerald was a blue variegated rex dumbo, marten carrying rat who started a long lineage of dumbo rex marten rats and the DesertRose Rattery.

Q: What kind of rats do you breed?

A: We focus primarily on breeding high-quality fancy rats to be pets to our customers. DesertRose has experience with the following kinds of rats: rex, satin rex, teddy rex, silvermane, velveteen, satin velveteen, Siamese/Himalayan, blue, Russian blue, American blue, sky blue, powder blue, fawn, roan, dalmatian, roan, marten ANNNNNNND agoutis, to name a few.

Q: Where is your current focus?

A: Our current focus is the furtherance of our line of martens, which will soon be seeing the addition of a silvermane line. We regularly post updates on this site and our various social media accounts.

@desertrose_rattery on Instagram 

And Desertrose Rattery on Facebook 

Q: I am no longer able to care for my pet rat(s). Are you currently accepting surrenders from owners?

A: We are always willing to help find shelter for any of your pet rats. However, depending on potential limitations of space, we may not always be able to hold them personally. You may contact us privately below to help us understand the situation. We will respond to you as quickly as possible regarding our availability.

Q: Who is currently involved with DesertRose Rattery?

A: I (Meghan) am the sole owner and proprietor of DesertRose Rattery.

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